Just Jacques – Q&A

“Just Jacques” features posts that are written by the handsome Westie himself and often feature only pictures of him (hence “Just Jacques”). He’s not the least bit full of himself. Not at all.

Why hello. A number of my fans have asked questions about me, so I thought I would take time out of my busy nap schedule to answer them.

jacques_Q&AQ: How can you stand being so cute?
A: It is hard, but someone must do it. It is a natural talent I was born with.

Q: Why is your name French?
A: That is like asking why the sky is bleu. It just is and it is perfect that way. My Mommy says says that I am Frettish – part French, part Scottish. I do not know about that, but I do know that I am ALL handsome.

Q: Your Mom says you nap a lot. Is that true?
A: Mais oui – of course it is! How do you think I maintain my devilishly good looks? Beauty sleep is the key.

Q: Are you a picky eater?
A: The food here is… pedestrian at best. It is a little too bourgeoisie for my taste. The water is passable, but the kibble leaves much to be desired.

Q: You are a Westie so naturally you’re pretty high strung, aren’t you?
A: High strung? Mais non! I am focused. I have a keen sense and laser focus which causes me to… BUNNY!!!! Must. Get. Bunny!!!

Q: Do you prefer squeaky tennis balls or Lamb Chop?
A: Bunny! Bunny! Bunny! Huh? What? Squeaky toys? Yes! I like them.

Q: Bones or treats?

As Jacques collapses into a total meltdown while waiting for a b-o-n-e, I (Jacques’ Mom) will say, thanks for the questions. If you have any other questions that you’d like to ask Jacques, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below! Maybe next time we shouldn’t mention b-o-n-e-ses or t-r-e-a-t-ses though…


16 thoughts on “Just Jacques – Q&A

  1. So great to hear from you, Jacques! I share your disappointment with the inadequate and limited menu. I do have a question for you: I see in your banner image that you apparently disemboweled Lamb Chop. [Please pardon me if you were not the eviscerator, though this would be especially troubling behavior for your mom to exhibit.] Assuming you were responsible, do you have a personal grievance with Lamb Chop, or is this how you interact with all of your troops?

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    • I show tough love to only a few of my troops – namely those that are the squeakiest. You see, I do not tolerate back talking and I must always have the last word. Apparently, Lamb Chop felt the need to constantly squeak back at me. I could not stand for that! No! Monsieur le Hedgehog and Monsieur le Moo Cow have also met the same unfortunate fate. It is not that I am not loving or caring – no, that is not true. It is that I… SQUIRREL!!! SQUIRREL!!! LET ME AT HIM!! LET ME AT HIM!!!!!

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      • I see! Yes, Walter’s not a fan of backtalk from the troops, either. Sherman’s watchful eye is the only thing that protects the squeaky ones from a similar fate!

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    • Also, I want to thank you, Mademoiselle, for your very thoughtful question. That nasty squirrel was tormenting me – it was terrible! I understand that you are having squirrel problems as well. I wish you the best in your squirrel ridding endeavours.

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  2. Allo Jacques? I would like to know what is your most productive time of day. I’m sort of a morning person, but can get spurts of energy in the afternoon too. Evening is chill time. How about you?

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    • Bonjour, Madame! Merci beau coup for your question. I am not a morning person, no! I like to sleep in. I seem to get my great bursts of energy anytime my mommy is working – when she apparently cannot pay attention to me – or right at bedtime as mommy and daddy are climbing into bed. They seem inconvenienced by it, but I cannot help it – genius happens when genius happens, no?

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      • C’est vrai! Our cats have that same attitude. Actually, Charlie is very good at impeding his mum’s work when she least expects it. He likes to sit on her desk (loll, is the term) and put all his weight on her typing wrist. Very effective. She can never resist and ends up giving him lots of smooches.

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    • That is so kind of Mademoiselle Maddie to welcome me. I would love to visit you in your beautiful country. I hear you have delectable food – much better than the slop I receive here. I fear that your Papa would not enjoy my company though – I bring a squeaky toy with me wherever I go. And I assure you, Monsieur B, I would respect your affections for little Bella. Now if only I could convince my mommy & daddy to take me on such a grand adventure…

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