Haikode Throw Down

A few weeks ago, I was asked to teach a science class at the local college. I didn’t have much time to prepare coursework before the semester began. Needless to say, I have been VERY busy. A certain someone has been very unhappy about that. He and I had a haikode (haiku + ode) throw down the other day… it went something like this:

play with me right now
you have been working so long
I am begging you

I don’t ask for much
just bones, snuggle time, and treats
play or I will pout

just minutes ago
we played until you walked off
play, stop, play, stop, aargh!

I have played with you
now I work to buy you treats
you’re not neglected

dueling_haikodes_playHis life is not that bad – no matter how much he complains!


16 thoughts on “Haikode Throw Down

    • I work at home for the most part, so every day is work at home day. Jacques doesn’t understand that I a) can’t cradle him while I work at the computer & b) can’t sit around waiting for him to decide he wants to play for 3 minutes before getting distracted by something and then wanting to play again. I know he thinks I’m his minion but geez!!!

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