Furry Flashbacks – What the…??

During the 17 years that I have been a doggie mom, I have asked, “What the…??” numerous times. Most of the time, I end up laughing and shaking my head. But one time in particular left me thinking that I had lost my mind.

I was heading to the gym, but before I left, I put some frozen chicken breasts (four or five) in a glass casserole dish and set them on the counter to defrost. I slid the dish as far back on the counter as I could and chuckled while I did. I remember specifically thinking, “Rocky’s not going to bother this. He’s too old and it’s too far back on the counter.” (This was pre-Jacques.) With that, I went to the gym.

When I returned home about two hours later, I was greeted with great fanfare (as usual) by Rocky. He escorted me through the kitchen barking and dancing the whole way. I got to the living room and stopped. Something was wrong. I looked back at the kitchen but didn’t notice anything out of place, so I continued through the living room to let Rocky out. I stopped again… I had this nagging feeling. Something wasn’t right. I went back to the kitchen, turned the light on and quickly looked around, but, again, nothing caught my attention. As I turned to leave, it dawned on me. The casserole dish had been moved.

I walked over to inspect it. It was only moved a few inches… but there was now only one chicken breast in it. And there was no drips down the side of the cabinet; no liquid of any kind on the floor. There was no indication of what happened to that chicken. As I stood and looked at the crime scene, it was obvious who the culprit was, but I couldn’t figure out how he did it. I tried to imagine the scene and just couldn’t. For a few minutes I really felt like I was losing my mind. Surely I didn’t imagine putting out all that chicken? Why would I only set out one breast?? If Rocky ate them, how did he get them and a) not make a mess or b) not break the glass dish? Was it Ancient Aliens? Or was I just losing my mind??

IMG_0213The casserole dish was left flush with the back wall on a 2+ft. deep counter top.

I still have no idea exactly how Rocky managed to get to the chicken, but it’s obvious that’s what happened. He, of course, played dumb when I asked him about it. (And don’t think eating all that chicken kept him from eating his dinner!) From then on, if something needed to be defrosted that day, I put it in the sink. I wasn’t taking any chances after that! Oh, Rocky… what the…???

IMG_1332“Missing chicken? I don’t know what you’re talking about…”


11 thoughts on “Furry Flashbacks – What the…??

  1. Have you ever read any of Jon Katz’s books about dogs? He had one dog who knew how to open the refrigerator, take out a plastic carton of deli meat, open the carton and eat the meat, then hide the carton underneath a handy chair or sofa! But I have to say that I am in awe of Rocky’s abilities, too. He must have been quite the dog!

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  2. Tucker will use his nose to open our wooden jewelry chest on the back of the dresser. We couldn’t figure out how he kept getting our stuff until I caught him, one fitbit, set of earplugs and hidden door stoppers later.

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  3. The little (well, big) rascal! Aren’t they just clever at covering their tracks? (sorry, I couldn’t resist). It’s like Maddie, when she ATE THE PIECE OF CHOCOLATE that my husband had carelessly left on the sofa armchair while I was away visiting family. She spun around in circles for 3 days and luckily, she survived.

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  4. Obviously, he’s been training with a secret spy organization behind your back. Or perhaps he watches replays of Mission Impossible when you’re not around. Did you check the ceiling for holes where he fixed the bolt for the wires? So cunning to leave room for doubt with that one chicken breast. Did you eat it? Are you sure it wasn’t a fake? Ha ha!

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