A Doggone Nice Surprise

Things have been super crazy around here lately (much to Jacques’ dismay). So much so, that I didn’t realize it was a National Dog Day until the day was almost over. (gasp) As I hurriedly tried to get a celebratory post on Jacques’ Instagram feed, I received notification that Suzuki Cycles of North America had seen a picture of Jacques sitting on our Suzuki DR 650 and wanted to feature it (along with a couple of other photos) on Instagram in celebration of National Dog Day. Needless to say, we agreed to let them use the photo. We were thrilled! And Jacques’ ego was inflated even more – though I didn’t think that was possible. He feels that it is absolute validation of his superstar status… There has been no living with him since!


Our National Dog Day tribute to our boys… past and present.


(A number of our Instagram friends know this, but we thought we would share it with our blogosphere friends.)