Happy Rocky-tober 2015

For our family, October is a special month. Sometime during this month, 15 years ago a puppy was born. This wasn’t just any puppy. It was a puppy that would forever change my life and live in my heart. I witnessed this little puppy get hit by a truck – not once, but TWICE. I watched in amazement as he got up and walked off. And as I rushed him to the vet, my heart melted as he climbed into my lap. This little guy was down, but he certainly wasn’t out – and that’s how he got the name Rocky. That would be the theme of his life. He was able to take the things life threw at him in stride, and while he would occasionally get down, he was a fighter… he was never out.

He was the goofiest, most frustrating, most lovable, most “special” dog I ever met. So, in honor of the “special”-ness that was Rocky, I would like to wish you a Happy Rocky-tober! Be kind to the lost, wounded, and special souls in your life. And always carpe canine!



6 thoughts on “Happy Rocky-tober 2015

  1. Aw! What a beauty he was! All our cats have been rescues. We are comforted in knowing that we have given and continue to give the best of all possible lives to those that might otherwise not even have made it.
    Your story warms my heart. 🙂

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  2. my daughter adopted a rescue Scottie named Rocky seven years ago. He also had been through a whole lot in his life. You can read about him on the corkscot blog. He survived a pitbull attack last years and has faced many challenges due to his misshaped jaw and teeth. Here’s to all of the Rocky’s out there. May you all live a long and wonderful life. Happy Rocky-tober

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