Dear Rocky – A Year Later

Dear Rocky,

It seems like forever ago since I last saw you. It has been a year since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I still call your name… I still feel the void where your ample presence should be. My heart still feels broken. I still miss you so very much. It has been so hard not to collapse under the sadness of losing you. I have wanted to fall apart many, many times. But I made a promise to you – I promised that I would go, do see, and explore in your memory. I promised to live life every day. And while some days I’m more successful than others, I try every day.

In this past year, Daddy and I (and sometimes Jacques too) have traveled to numerous places around the globe. In each city and each country, we raise our glasses and toast you. At the end of each day or each new adventure, we say, “We think Rocky would approve!” and, my furry buddy, I really do think you would approve.

Whether it’s summoning the courage to wander around a foreign city alone, finding the strength to make it to the top of a volcano, or facing medical challenges with an “it’s going to be what it’s going to be” attitude – I find myself channeling my inner-Rocky often. I try to face life’s challenges with your light heart and your determination. You might not be here in the fur, but you are definitely with me in spirit.

I miss you every day. Every. Day. And I still cry. A lot. But I wouldn’t trade the experience of having you in my life for anything. You brought me such happiness and sheer joy… in life and now in memory. I promise to keep trying, to keep doing my best, and to never stop exploring.

Mommy loves you so much. Forever.


rockyThis is one of my favorite pictures of Rocky. It always makes me smile. He was 5 years old but still acted like a puppy – so goofy and uncoordinated. That was just one of the many things I loved about him.

19 thoughts on “Dear Rocky – A Year Later

  1. I’m so sorry about Rocky. It takes so long for the grief to subside… But this was a beautiful post about how much Rocky meant to you, and through your memories and your words, his spirit does live on. I can tell what a special dog he was and gift he was in your life. Treasure the memories, and peace to you….

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  2. Sorry, I accidentally hit the reply button too soon. Thanks for sharing about Rocky – he must have been so special. I still cry about my Border Collie, Zack, and he passed in 2009. We are so blessed to have these angels touch our lives, aren’t we?

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    • Mid-July is a ruff time for us – we lost Niko (our shepherd) in 2010 followed by Rocky in 2014. I think having those dates so close together only amplifies the sadness. But you are so right – we are so very fortunate to have them in our lives for however long they are here. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words. I appreciate them!

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    • Miss Samantha – I’m not going to lie, I thought of you while struggling with this post. I hoped it wouldn’t upset you. No, we don’t have any two-legged children. I am not close with my family, so for a long, long time, Niko and Rocky were all that I had. In fact, after moving to a city where I knew no one, they were often the only beings I had the opportunity to interact with, other than maybe the bank teller or Walmart cashier. Right or wrong, they became my best friends, my security blankets, and my life. It’s so hard closing that chapter.

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      • I could sense that they are your children – because I don’t have any either and you spoke as I would have. Your post didn’t upset me other than being sad for you. Selfishly, in a way, it made me feel good because I know I’m not crazy for feeling the way I do – that there are other’s who know EXACTLY how I feel about Khia and Mya’s passings. I’m not a social butterfly…by any means. I have severe anxiety/panic disorder. My life revolves around my animals (clearly – I blog as a dog lol).

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      • And that’s exactly why I posted it. Because I wanted others (you) to know they weren’t alone – and it helped me to remember that I am not alone. Some people think I’m crazy/sad/pathetic/whatever for feeling the way I do about my dogs (my family in particular) but I don’t care. I found love and acceptance in my boys (and now with my husband). I can’t imagine my life without them. If you ever want to chat – feel free to email me – jacquesdogblog(at)gmail(dot)com. You’re not alone. And you’re not crazy – at least not in a bad way. 😉



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