Just Jacques – They Saw London, They Saw France…

“Mommy and Daddy went to Paris and to London and all I got was this lousy… bit of NOTHING!!! They didn’t bring me home ANYTHING!! Mommy bragged about her Rosetta Stone socks and her ‘Princess’ mug (she thinks that because she is related to Charlemagne she is a princess – HA!). Then she gloated about the miniature Shaun the Sheep she bought at Harrods. She showed no remorse for not bringing me anything. I am offended. Let there be much shame upon her. I do not like it, no! This is what I think of her Shaun…

death_to_shaunAnd I would have destroyed the vile creature had she not stopped me.

IMG_3472(Don’t let the sad look on my face fool you – I was not sorry, no!. I just needed her to think I was.)

After being caught accosting Shaun, Mommy told me to calm down. She tried to reason with me and soothe me. She knew I was offended by not receiving a souvenir. She swore they looked for a Musketeer hat and a Beefeater hat (whatever those are!) for me. At first I said, ‘NO! I do not like it!’ I eventually forgave her because I kind of like her and because she is a great snuggler. But I can never calm down… who is she kidding?”


19 thoughts on “Just Jacques – They Saw London, They Saw France…

  1. The last photo with the ears down – I’ve seen that look before on Maddie! And then she turns around and goes back to doing whatever humbug that she was doing before I caught her.

    Jacques, I am sure mommy will make up for the lack of a proper gift!

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    • Haha! Yeah… Talk about no remorse. I don’t think that’s in a Westie’s vocabulary. Pitiful – yes. Spiteful – yes. Remorseful – not so much. I SO wish I could’ve found a Beefeater hat for him… That would have been HILARIOUS!


  2. I can relate! My mom and siblings went to New Orleans for his thirteenth birthday last month and I did not get anything. I saw them put away their souvenirs and was waiting anxiously for mine and it never appeared.
    I was a bit sad because most of the time when they go on vacations they have always brought me back something.

    I am still hopeful that maybe my souvenir was so large that it did not fit in the car for the drive back and is still making its way along the postal system.

    I am looking forward to getting to know more about you Jacques. If you would like to become friends, you can get to know me more by visiting my website.



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    • It’s not that he isn’t a good boy and didn’t deserve anything – I just couldn’t find anything that suited him. I figured he would want something meaningful rather than get something to get something. Who am I kidding!? Jacques loves presents – especially the squeaky kind. To make it up to him, I have given him lots of snuggle time. His daddy bought him a squeaky hedgehog from the store the other day. That seemed to make him happy. I hope your souvenir shows up in the mail sometime soon! I look forward to reading about you and your adventures. Take care!



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