Thank you, Carol!!

While Carol might not let her award nomination go to her head, Jacques totally will (because he knows nothing about being humble). So I might not tell him until after the fact… Just to make my life easier.

versatie-blogger-bigThank you, Carol, for nominating Jacques’ Dog Blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. We know it was very hard to narrow it down to a manageable list because there are so many great blogs out there. We are truly honored to be on the list.

If you have not met Carol, you absolutely must!! Her blog is entertaining and addictive and… well, you just need to read it for yourself. As a warning, do not read her blog while sipping on any beverage unless you want said beverage to be spewed all over the place. Her blog often causes hysterical laughter.

In order to accept this award, Jacques must list seven things about himself. Hmm. He’s napping, so I’ll take the liberty of making the list for him. (I’ll be nice.)

1. Jacques fancies himself a dandy. HAAAA!!!

jacques_poirot2. He is not familiar with the concept of “let it go,” nor is he familiar with the song from Frozen. He is a true terrier – once he sees something or wants something, he will not stop until it is his.

3. Jacques is a napaholic and often times sleeps in the strangest places.

IMG_06484. He is like Wall-E and needs sunlight to recharge his batteries.

walle_jacques5. Jacques often acts like a cat. He likes to perch on things and to play the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” game.

confused26. He DOES NOT like sharing his toys. If another dog takes one of his toys, he will have a complete meltdown. He sits and shakes and refuses to let the toy out of his sight. Once the other dog has relinquished the toy, Jacques will very stealthily get the toy then run off with it.

7. Jacques will steal your heart. He will take it when you least expect it. You can’t fight it – trust me.

wantedWanted for stealing hearts…

Though Jacques and I are new to the award thing, we quickly learned that some bloggers enjoy being nominated and others… not so much. We’re going to nominate just a few of the many, many blogs we enjoy – please know there’s no pressure to accept the award. The nominees are (in alphabetical order):

A Dog Called Storm

Bubba and Fling

Golden Kali

Stitch Boom Bang

Year of the Dog

Thanks, again, Carol! And thank you to our readers and followers!! We really enjoy sharing our (mis)adventures with you!!


4 thoughts on “Thank you, Carol!!

  1. Nominating your blog was my pleasure! And what an excellent list of facts about Jacques! Living with terriers, I very much relate to many of these. Unfortunately, sometimes I am the toy they don’t want to let out of their sight!!

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