Mine – A Haiku by Jacques

no! That ball is mine!
wait, wait! no! so is that one!
yes – they are all mine!

mine1squeak-a squeak-a squeak
i must have them all – they’re mine
mine, mine, mine, mine, mine

mine2it’s all about me
me, me, me, and mine, mine, mine
but i am cute, no?


(This one’s for you Maddie!)

6 thoughts on “Mine – A Haiku by Jacques

  1. Maddie says thank you and sends a big kiss! Jacques, we want to see you running amok, I mean running around in a park or something…think you could sway the humanfolk to oblige?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Jacques is always running amok, but I will try to get photos or video of him being crazy outdoors. You do you have a good point – most of his pictures are him inside. It’s easier to wrangle him indoors.



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