This Little Piggy

this little piggy wanted to go to the market

piggy_marketbut instead he had to stay home

this little piggy wanted sympathy

piggy_homebut indeed he got none

so he cried “boo hoo hoo” until daddy came home


that’s when this little piggy got a pleasant surprise

and his little piggy mind would be blown

“A short stack for Short Round!” yelled his kind daddy

piggy_shortcakesand indeed the piggy had some

piggy_shortcakes3and cried, “mmm mm mmm!!!!” until they were all gone


14 thoughts on “This Little Piggy

    • Uh oh. Noodle, buddy, you’re going to have to strengthen your stomach up. Rocky ate a pair of glasses – GLASSES – and lived to eat through a power cord and a metal kennel. I wouldn’t recommend you go that far though. 😉 Anyway, hope your tummy gets settled soon.

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    • Aww! But Mom!! It’s probably for the best.

      Jacques doesn’t get the amount of people food that Niko or Rocky used to get. He has a “delicate” stomach… at least that’s how he acts. I think it’s an effort to get a personal chef.



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