(Or… I Have A Narcoleptic Dog)

Jacques is very patient and will wait you out while you taunt him with, er…,  I mean, show him a treat/stuffed toy/tennis ball/whatever. He is also very focused – until he’s not. Westie families know what I’m talking about! But I digress…

Jacques is also very patient when it comes to getting his way – namely with sitting in my lap. Usually he just throws himself into my lap as soon as I sit down, but if I act quickly, I can stop him in his tracks with a firm “no.” Once I say no, the standoff begins. (That’s a whole other post!) During one standoff, my husband and I worked to suppress snorts and giggles as we watched Jacques’ laser focus turn into a narcoleptic event over the course of about three minutes. Luckily, I just happened to have my phone nearby…


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