Has Jacques Finally Met His Match?

(Or… Someone Got the What for!)

Jacques likes to share his thoughts with the various creatures around our house. He usually shares his thoughts incessantly at the top of his lungs. He likes to give bunnies, leaves, wind, thunder, coyotes, raccoons, anyone or anything in the general area the what for when he’s outside. I let him do this for a few minutes, but because I don’t want our neighbors to hate us (and because it drives me crazy), I don’t let him do it for long. It never fails – as he trots towards the house to come inside, he looks over his shoulder and barks a few more times. He has to have the last word. Has to. I would say I don’t have the heart to tell him that the coyotes don’t care, but I do tell him. I tell him all the time. Apparently he disagrees with my take on the situation. Anyway…

One day he had been outside for a while and was uncharacteristically quiet, so I went to check on him. I found him staring up at the power pole our yard. He was very focused. It took me a minute, but I finally saw what he was staring at – a squirrel.

IMG_2714I stood and watched as the squirrel crept down the pole and onto the tree, closer and closer to Jacques. To my amazement, Jacques sat very still and didn’t make a sound. The squirrel came to within about five feet of Jacques before reconsidering his actions and running up the tree and back onto the power pole.

squirrelIt wasn’t until the squirrel decided to start crossing the power line that runs above our yard that Jacques started going crazy. I watched for the next few minutes as the squirrel ran across the line with Jacques following below. As Jacques ran and barked, I could hear the squirrel yelling back at Jacques! It was the funniest thing – the squirrel would run, stop, yell at Jacques then start running again. The squirrel finally made it into the neighbor’s yard and came back to give Jacques a piece of his mind. It is the first time I have ever seen someone else give Jacques the what for and/or get to have the last word with Jacques around. It made me wonder if Jacques had finally met his match!

Listen closely and you can hear the squirrel telling Jacques off! (I apologize for the camera angle – it initially happened so fast I just started recording without thinking about it.)

7 thoughts on “Has Jacques Finally Met His Match?

    • Haha! Whitley… It’s probably best they don’t come down. I’ve seen what Jacques does to his stuffed animals & shudder to think what he’d do to the real thing. Besides, I’m squeamish & don’t deal well with the whole “circle of life” thing… 🙂


  1. That’s interesting – Kona acts the same way with squirrels. It’s almost like he’s hypnotized by them. On the other hand, he barks like crazy at any dogs, cats or possums. Kona sends you this message: Go get ’em Jacques! Don’t let that silly squirrel bark back at you!

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    • It was so funny to watch & listen to the squirrel give Jacques the what for. Isn’t it amazing how our boys (a.k.a. dogs) react to other creatures? The video was compressed, but the whole thing went on for 6 or 7 minutes… Luckily for me, Kona, I don’t think Jacques would know what to do with that pesky squirrel if he actually caught him. At least I hope he doesn’t. :/

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  2. Whut a sassy skwirrel!! He needs a quick shakey shake to stop his sassin’….

    Whitley is heck on da skwirrels… she got 2 of ’em while her Momma wuz walkin’ her on a leash at UCLA. I’ve nevfur gotten a skwirrel, but some nasty rats usta sneak into da backyard to try to drink water from our pool in da summertime. I made quick work of 2 of ’em and Whitley got a coupla of ’em too… then we brought them to the folks. Momma just sez “ewww” and then gets my Dad so he can appreciamatate it. Then the “Ceremony of da Shovel” takes place…not sure where dey takes it… probably saves it somewhere so they can admire my skills later, don’t ya think?


  3. That squirrel – there was no stopping him. He had a lot on his mind and wasn’t afraid to say it!
    Your skills are quite impressive, Finley! Yes, yes… I’m sure your Mom and Dad have a special place for all of your “gifts.” And I’m sure they have more than just admiration for your skills. I have to admit, I probably ruin Jacques’ chances at catching a bunny. I usually bang on the door or yell at them right before I let Jacques out. It’s not that I don’t appreciate his skills; I do it because I am terrible at the “Ceremony of da Shovel” thing. 🙂



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