The Death Star’s Tractor Beam…

Except it’s a fridge drawer.

Before Rocky crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he must’ve had a talk with Jacques because now that he’s gone… Jacques is doing things that he wasn’t doing before – especially when food is involved. (Food was one of Rocky’s favorite things.)

Jacques used to never hover around the dining room table waiting for scraps. Rocky, on the other hand, was always front and center. And by “front and center” I mean, “under your feet” (literally) or “with his head shoved between you and the table.” Jacques always kept his distance and waited patiently. Now… he dances under and around us while we dine. Our dinner conversation is punctuated by the “tap-a-tap tap” of Jacques’ paws on the tile, reminding us that he is there… ready and willing to taste, try, eat whatever we don’t want.

I guess I can understand this new behavior. Rocky was a big boy and Jacques is only big in ego. So now that the big boy isn’t around, Jacques is there to fill the void. That makes sense – well, as much sense as the hot mess that is Jacques can make.

The other thing he has started doing has me baffled and totally amused. It’s as though Rocky is saying “hi” every time it happens. Rocky loved cheese. (Who doesn’t??!) Even in his old age when he couldn’t hear well, he would always heave himself up from where he was laying and stumble into the kitchen when he heard the cheese wrappers crackle.

Quick side story: One time, I made a bologna and cheese rollup that was to be a snack. As I held my snack, I poked my head into the fridge to grab a soda or something and watched as Rocky shoved his head in the fridge trying to get my bologna and cheese. I moved the rollup behind my back, holding my arm out and up and continued perusing the fridge for what I wanted. I felt a slight tug on my arm that was behind my back. When I stood up and looked at my bologna and cheese rollup, there was a Rocky-sized bite missing from it!

Anyway, if I was getting cheese from the fridge, I could count on Rocky showing up. Jacques – being new to the game – never really bothered. He would eventually come into the kitchen to see what was going on, but never really showed an interest. Now… Anytime that drawer opens he comes flying into the kitchen from wherever he is in the house. It’s like he’s being pulled in by the Death Star’s tractor beam. (In the videos, he slowed down as soon as he saw me with my phone – he still hasn’t learned how to work the camera.) He has developed a cheese addiction and a carrot addiction. It’s ridiculous. He goes INSANE for them.

So now, when I open the fridge drawer that holds the cheese, it’s a little bittersweet. I miss seeing my big boy come barreling into the room. But I laugh EVERY TIME my crazy boy comes flying into the room and screeches to a halt at my feet. It feels like Jacques is channeling his inner-Rocky. And that makes me smile.

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