A Furry Flashbacks Two-Fur

Niko and Rocky were quite the pair – very yin/yang and always entertaining. It seems like most of their antics happened early in the morning (while I was trying to get ready for work) or late at night (after I had gone to bed).

One morning while getting ready for work, Niko walked up to me and let out quite an attention getting bark. Since Niko was my smart boy, I figured he was telling me he needed to go outside (what a good boy!), so I stopped what I was doing and went to let him out. But when I opened the back door, he just stood and stared at me. Apparently I had misinterpreted his “RAWR!” I started thinking, “What else could he possibly want? He wants me to throw the ball! He always wants me to throw the ball,” so I walked back across the house (with Niko excitedly in tow) to the giant bin of toys and dug through it until I found a tennis ball. I was flabbergasted when he showed no interest in the ball. (Seriously, for a German Shepherd to not go crazy upon being shown a ball is just weird.) I proceeded to go through the bucket of toys to see if any of them sparked his interest – none did. He kept barking at me with this certainty – he wanted something. (Did I mention I was running late for work? Yeah, all this was happening while I was running late for work. Of course that’s when it happened.) I wracked my brain for what he could possibly want. He had food and water. He didn’t need to go outside. He didn’t want a ball or a toy. Finally, out of desperation I said, “Do you want a treat?” He went absolutely insane barking and jumping. Apparently I had finally figured it out. After eating his treat, we went and quietly laid down on his chair. Like I said, he was my smart one. Me, on the other hand… I might not be so bright. 🙂

Niko, my guy smiley

Niko, my guy smiley

One morning while I was getting ready for work (sound familiar?), it was business as usual. I would often wet my hair by sticking my head under the faucet in the tub. (I lived in a rent house and didn’t have one of those cool detachable shower heads, but I digress…) It wasn’t unusual for Niko and Rocky to cram themselves into the tiny bathroom with me. Rocky usually stood next to my head so that he could catch the errant sprays of water. On this particular morning though, Niko decided he wanted in on the action so he came over and stuck his head between mine and Rocky’s. (Quite the sight, I’m sure. I’m glad I was single and lived alone at the time…) Rocky didn’t particularly care for Niko’s intrusion, so he pushed him out of the way. I felt bad for Niko, and since he so rarely got in on the action, I coaxed him back over and let him stand next to me while I finished wetting my hair. Rocky would have none of it – he let out his trademark piercing bark, which in a small bathroom was deafening. As I stood up to wrap a towel around my now too-wet hair, I saw Rocky look at Niko, look at the tub, then look at Niko again before he jumped into the tub. Suddenly he was slipping and sliding in the wet tub, leaving muddy paw prints and streaks everywhere. The absurdity of it all left me in hysterics – and running late for work as usual. Niko decided the show was over and left the room, followed by a wet-footed and sulking Rocky. I was left with soggy hair, a muddy bathroom, and wondering “what in the heck just happened??!”


rub-a-dub-dub… two dogs in a tub



2 thoughts on “A Furry Flashbacks Two-Fur

  1. Ahhh…. Such CLASSIC Rocky and Niko stories. I smiled the whole way through. 🙂 You mentioning the toy bin also reminded me that I need to spend more silly play time with my doggies. And I shall — in memory of “the boys”!


    • Thank you for your sweet words… I couldn’t help but smile as I wrote those stories. Such silly boys. I miss them so much! Having “silly play time” with your crew is a wonderful and fitting way to honor the boys. I know they’d approve! ❤



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