Happy Jacques-uary!!

I was always a big dog person. I liked small dogs, but the big dogs always got my attention and were quick to grab my affection. Until three years ago. Three years ago I was looking for a companion for my big dog and big love, Rocky, and came across a fuzzy picture of a wild-haired small dog. It felt as though the hot mess in the picture was speaking right to my heart. After a lot of debate (I couldn’t like small dogs! I was a big dog person!), I convinced myself (and my husband) to give it a try. It was a wonderful decision that would change our lives…

I felt like he was talking to my heart.

I felt like he was speaking to my heart.

While Jacques might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, he is extremely loving, happy-go-lucky (except in the morning – he’s NOT a morning dog), and an absolute clown. He makes us laugh constantly. Even my husband agrees – Jacques is a good boy. We are very fortunate to have him in our lives. We truly love him.

I am a good boy? Yes, yes, of course... I am a good boy!

“I am a good boy? Yes, yes, of course… I am a good boy!”

So this Jacques-uary, remember that love comes in all shapes and sizes (and often when you least expect it). Keep an open heart and open mind… You just never know what will happen.

Also, we are celebrating our second year of Jacques’ Dog Blog. We would like to thank everyone for reading and following our blog! Happy Jacques-uary!! May your 2015 be filled with love, laughter, and happiness!!

And now I sleep...

“And now I sleep…”

2 thoughts on “Happy Jacques-uary!!

  1. I was always a cat person until I got married. Something about being dedicated and responsibly considerate to another person totally axed that independent attitude, and then of course I discovered westies! (Never even heard or seen one in Hawaii).


    • Haha! Westies are part cat, part dog, and a whole lot of confuzzled – at least my Westie is. Welcome to the dog side… 😉

      We were surprised by the number of Westies we saw in Italy, particularly in Florence. It made me smile.



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