Happy Howlidays!

Jacques is an equal opportunity well-wisher kind of guy. Really it’s just that he likes to party and socialize. Don’t let him near the punch bowl – trust me on that one!

Seriously, though… Whatever howliday you’re celebrating, we hope you have a safe and wonderful time! May your 2015 be filled with love, health, and happiness!!

And remember… help those who cannot help themselves.



elf_jacquesJacques was not harmed while taking these photos.
However, if he could see them, I am sure he would be quite humiliated.


6 thoughts on “Happy Howlidays!

    • Jacques says “mahalo!” & agrees that he has been a good boy. He’s still trying to convince me… 🙂 We wish you & your family a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to reading about your adventures. Aloha!



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