Someone’s Been Sleeping in My Bed

(Or… You’re Not Goldilocks!)

I guess Jacques took offense to my post about him sleeping on the job because not long  after that, he started greeting me again anytime I returned from being gone. Well, most of the time. (He’s consistently inconsistent. I can respect that.)

One day last week I came home and didn’t find him waiting at the door for me. I assumed I would find him on his “perch” on the back of the couch in the living room. As I walked through the kitchen towards the living room, I began to hear the tiniest pitter patter of feet and saw Jacques making his way towards me. “How nice of you to get up,” I said to him. He greeted me with a sleepy tail wag and a half-hearted stretch onto my leg. After we said our hellos, I continued through the house to the master bedroom and found this:


What the whaaaaat???!!! He hadn’t been on his “perch,” but had been sleeping in my bed – on my pillow!!! The pillow was still warm!! Again – what the whaaat??!!!!

Apparently Momma’s pillow is “just right” because that wasn’t the first time he commandeered it. One day he did it right in front of my husband.

All three of us were in the master bedroom. I left the room and, according to my husband, Jacques watched me leave, looked at my pillow, looked to make sure I was gone, then ran over and threw himself onto my pillow (with a loud “harumph” for emphasis). I heard hysterical laughter and poked my head back in the room. Jacques was pretending to be sound asleep (he’s good at “playing possum”) and my husband was trying to compose himself enough to kick Jacques off the bed. After hearing the story, I started laughing. Eventually we composed ourselves enough to reclaim my pillow much to Jacques’s chagrin.

I would say that my house has gone to the dog(s), but I have a feeling everyone I know would say that happened a long time ago. There are worse things in life, right?


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