Giving Thanks

(Or… Thank You, Meghan!!)

As I was going to check my mailbox last night, I was greeted by a large, yellow, goofy dog with sweet eyes and a super waggily tail. I could tell he was young (under a year) and that he belonged or had belonged to someone because he would sit on command and he would throw his paw at me in an attempt to shake. He had a collar, but sadly no tags. I asked a neighbor if they knew who’s dog he was and she said he had followed her from the other side of the neighborhood – about a mile away. (Apparently he had followed another one of my neighbors around too.)

I knocked on doors and tried to find anyone who recognized him. After quite some time walking in the cold, I decided to have my husband come pick me up (I’ve been quite under the weather and just couldn’t stay outside any longer). Before my husband to get to me, the pup had wandered up to a house and acted like it was very familiar to him, then he disappeared. We drove back a little later looking for him but didn’t see him. I hope he found his home.

When I got home that night and was greeted by my dancing and barking Jacques, I got a little teary-eyed. I thought about that big yellow dog following everyone and couldn’t help but think about Jacques’s story.

Jacques had followed some people who were out for a walk in the cold and the snow. He followed them to their home and sat on their doorstep looking into their warm house. I can’t imagine how scared and cold he was – but his luck was about to change. A wonderful person – Meghan – took him home with her. That night, Jacques was safe in a warm house and surrounded by love. Meghan took such good care of him. When she couldn’t locate his owners through phone calls or ads in the paper, she started looking for a forever home for him. And then my life changed forever.

My husband and I joke about Jacques all the time, but at the end of the day we both say how lucky we are and how Jacques has turned out to be such a good boy. He really is.


So, Meghan, thank you for being so kindhearted and for caring for Jacques. He was just what my heart needed. You, Jacques, and my wonderful husband are a few of the many things I’m thankful for today and every day.

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