I Do Not Like The Cold

(Or… It’s Time to Hibernate, Stupid)

It’s gotten cold here. (Okay, to be fair, anything below 60 degrees is cold to Jacques and me.) But seriously… highs in the 30s in November where we are is unheard of. It’s bad enough that it’s pitch black by 6:00 p.m., but to have it this cold this soon… well, Jacques is having none of it.

I think this picture pretty much sums it up.


He refused to move on this particular morning. He was curled up on his favorite fluffy blanket and had been siphoning heat from me. The promise of treats, b-o-n-e-s-es, going outside… nothing would get him to move. I eventually played the “I’m bigger and have opposable thumbs” card, much to his chagrin. He grumbled and mumbled his discontent for the rest of the morning. I can’t say I disagreed with him.

So much for fall weather. Stay warm and enjoy snuggling up with your loved ones!!

And now, here’s my PSA: Remember to bring your four-legged family members inside when the temperatures drop. Just because they have fur doesn’t mean the cold won’t affect them. Help those who can’t help themselves – that’s true for all living creatures.

2 thoughts on “I Do Not Like The Cold

  1. Hi dere Jacques! This is Frisbee Bradley but you can calls me Goobie for short…I just stopped bys tu say hi…Yu gots da right idea…I don’ts likes da cold neither…Dis mornin whens I gots up wiffs my Papa at 4:am it was cold in da house..I do whats I always du ands jumped ups on da couch tu goes backs tu sleeps. Then Mom gots up abouts a half hour later and she knows I don’ts likes tu be cold so she covered me ups wiffs a blanket…I was once agains all warms and cozy cuddled ups under da blanket…It was Mom tu da rescue as usual…


    • Hi Goobie! Thanks for stopping by! That was really nice of your mom to cover you with a blanket. She sounds pretty nice. You take care and stay warm! We’ll drop by your page and see what you’re up to…!



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