You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Haaaave Heat

(Or… Jacques is a heat hog)

This just happened. Jacques was snoozing on the bed on what has become his favorite fuzzy blanket (thanks, C!). I rolled my eyes at him (after I took the picture, of course) and walked ACROSS the house to the office where I turned on the space heater and sat down at the computer. I am not exaggerating… 30 seconds later, Jacques came trotting in and took his position in front of the space heater. What the heck??!

Now, I know he has a thing for the space heater – I’ve written about it briefly before – but this is getting ridiculous!


Sir Sleepsalot


30 seconds later…

And now he’s snoozing… At least his paws aren’t on the front of the heater like they usually are. He gets annoyed at me for moving them and puts them right back on the heater. Nothing like the smell of singed Westie fur! Sheesh!


(Disclaimer: His fur never actually gets singed – to my amazement. I eventually get annoyed and move the heater so that he’s not touching it.)


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