Haven’t I Seen This Before?

(Or… Doggie Déjà Vu)

I have a ton of things on my phone, especially pictures. Because of all the pictures, I’m almost out of space on my phone. So in an effort to regain a little space, I started going through my pictures and deleting ones that I didn’t need or want. As I started flipping through the them, I found myself getting a little confused.

I kept seeing what I thought were the same photos over and over. I thought maybe I had somehow switched between photo albums or switched to photos on “the cloud” (and nobody really knows what that is!). I wasn’t sure, but I knew something wasn’t quite right. After closer inspection (and a lot of head scratching), I realized that they were, in fact, different photos… just of the same scene.

Jacques likes to sun himself. (We call it “charging his batteries.”) It’s one of the few Westie related things the internet didn’t lie to me about. He gets super excited and runs laps through the house – which makes me think he REALLY has to take care of business. When I open the door, he bolts outside, stops mid-stride, and falls over (think cow tipping). And apparently I think it’s incredibly funny because I have dozens of photos of it.

Maybe it’s the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Maybe it reminds me to enjoy the small things in life. Maybe it’s the sweetness in seeing a being filled with so much joy. Maybe I’m just crazy. Whatever it is, it’s like dam jokes… it never gets old.

Here is just a small sample of the photos I have… I hope they make you smile.



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