Best Friends or Co-conspirators?

A few weeks ago, I went to visit my best friend for a long weekend. That meant my husband in charge of the boys. It wasn’t long before my husband started noticing “strange” behaviors. He noticed that Rocky and Jacques would be huddled together in random places throughout the house. Initially, he thought it was because they had decided to be “best friends,” but after this went on for a while (and because they stared at him the entire time), he began to wonder if they were conspiring against him. Conspiring to do what, we don’t know – but just look at them! They look guilty of something!

Somebody's Watching Me

He took this video of them proclaiming their innocence. Or maybe they were proclaiming their bromance. Or maybe they just wanted a treat. Either way, it all seemed a little suspect.

After the video, it seems as though the boys decided it would be best if they went their separate ways. Was it a bromance gone sour? Or co-conspirators who decided to lay low for a while? Hmm… Since I don’t speak dog (dang it!!), I guess we’ll never know… But I can guarantee we’ll be keeping an eye on them!

I'm not doing anything...

I’m not doing anything…

Me either!

Me either!


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