I’m So Excited!

When Jacques gets excited about something, he REALLY gets excited about it. There is no “kind of excited,” no “sort of interested.” When he sees something outside, he goes all sorts of crazy – running in circles while somehow jumping up and down, barking frantically, and whining in this high pitched tone that I’m surprised I can even hear. This commotion is so intense and so believable, that even now when I hear it I think there must be a group of burglars about to raid our home. I’ll jump up from wherever I am ready to make my stand as my heart skips a few beats. And while I’m relieved each time that there is no horde of masked men outside my door, I’m extremely annoyed and often froth at the mouth when I see that all the commotion was over a cat, bird, or leaf on the other side of the fence. (And, yes, part of my annoyance is with myself because I fell for the “OH MY GOD THERE’S SOMEONE OUTSIDE YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW OR WE’LL ALL DIE” routine again. I fall for it over and over. *sigh*)

It’s probably best for all involved that I don’t have a video of that. Your eardrums can thank me later.

This video shows Jacques getting excited over a kong-thingy filled with peanut butter. (Thank you, Auntie A2. Those things are wonderful!) He gets so excited he can’t follow basic commands. He just starts throwing his paws, head, body, whatever he’s got at my husband because he wants that kong so badly. The video starts mid-action… and luckily he’s not screaming as much as usual, but he does have quite a bit to say about the whole thing. (Again, your eardrums can thank me later.)

Since I took that video, I’ve been walking around with the Pointer Sisters’ song ‘I’m So Excited’ in my head (hence the post title). It goes, “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.” Since there’s no song that goes “I’m so excited and I just can’t function. I’m about to go insane if you don’t give me that treat” I thought I’d stick to the Pointer Sisters’ song.


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