Jacques Speaks (Sort of)…

Before everyone thinks that Jacques is actually speaking on command, let me stop you here. That hasn’t happened yet. Give me another 8-10 months for that. (It only took him a year to decide to shake on command…) This is something a little different.

Jacques is very camera shy… Believe me; I’ve tried to capture and/or record the many insane, questionable, and otherwise inexplicable things he does, but as soon as he sees the phone he immediately stops what he’s doing and either hides or just sits and stares at me.

It reminds me of a Looney Tunes cartoon that involved a singing frog who would only croak or “ribbit” anytime anyone other than one particular guy was around. When I tried to describe the cartoon (and its relevancy) to my husband, he looked at me like *I* was looney tunes so I won’t bother trying to describe it here. But, if you’re so inclined, Google “One Froggy Evening” or check out this link. But I digress…

Anyhoo… On this particular day, I must’ve gotten Jacques in just the right mood. Maybe he was upset about the way the Patriots played the night before. Maybe he wasn’t happy with his breakfast. Maybe it was the economy. Who knows, but he had a lot to say and he wasn’t holding back.

Full disclosure: I posted this video because I like playing it and watching Jacques get confused then go crazy watching himself on screen. I’m mean that way.



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