Variation on a Theme…

…or, Monkey See, Monkey Do, part II.

Recently, my husband and I realized that cramming Rocky and Jacques (and Jacques’ car seat) in the back seat of the family truckster (a fabulous hatchback) just wasn’t going to cut it. Rocky was too big and had, unfortunately, gotten too old to ride very far squished like he was. My sometimes-too-smart-for-his-own-good enginerd husband came up with the brilliant idea of using the entire open space of the hatchback cargo area for Rocky. (Honestly, it was a good idea. I wish I would’ve thought of it!)

The back seats folded down in a 60/40 fashion, so we put Jacques’ seat on the smaller half of the seat and laid the back of the bigger seat down. This opened up the entire back of the car for Rocky to spread out and ride comfortably. I won’t mention that despite all this effort and space, Rocky still insisted on shoving his oversized head between the bucket front seats. Even with his need to ride “shotgun,” Rocky still had more space than with the previous backseat configuration… until…

We were road tripping one weekend when I heard grunting coming from the back seat. Lots of grunting. And lots of movement. When I turned around to see what all the commotion was about, I saw Jacques out of his car seat (though still tethered to it) and laying ON Rocky. Needless to say Rocky didn’t look very happy about that. I managed to get Jacques back into his car seat and thought that was the end of that. Until… a few minutes later I saw Rocky’s head pop up behind me. Apparently Jacques’” Monkey See, Monkey Do” reflex was in full force. He saw Rocky stretched out in the car, so by golly, he was going to stretch out in the car too! monleyseept2_2

This time, I watched as Rocky plopped down – right on top of Jacques! Jacques eyes kind of bulged out. I couldn’t tell if he was frightened or being suffocated. After I was finally able to stop laughing, I tried to help Jacques move out from under Rocky, but apparently neither dog was going to budge. Jacques seemed pretty determine to stand his ground (so to speak) and Rocky didn’t really care. So, I did what any pet parent would do – I made sure Jacques was at least able to breathe and turned back around. I figured they’d get it worked out. Luckily for all involved, they worked out a sort of arrangement. Jacques would still get squished from time to time, but he eventually figured out where the “danger zone” was and tried to avoid that area.


We’ve recently bought a bigger family truckster that allows Rocky to have an entire cargo area to himself (complete with personal fan!). Jacques and his car seat get the entire back bench seat. We’ve only tried it out once (with success), so we’ll have to see how it works for the long term. I’m just waiting for Jacques to decide that if Rocky gets the cargo area… then HE should get the cargo area too!


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