Jacques is part cat. There’s no doubt about that. (Apparently I’m channeling my inner-Dr. Seuss! HA!) I don’t know if cats have to work on their perching technique or not, but Jacques does – and he practices a lot! Jacques-ing is like perching, but it involves grunting and flailing and sometimes even falling. (Maybe the falling part is why he keeps practicing… Hmm…)

I will never forget the first time I saw Jacques, well…, Jacques-ing. It was a quiet afternoon. I was sitting on our living room couch reading. Rocky was asleep somewhere in the house. Jacques was roaming about the living room. He must have decided it was time for a snooze because I saw him head for our leather recliner. I watched as he hurled himself up into the seat and onto the overstuffed arm in one graceful motion. Then I watched as he skidded on the arm and teetered on the edge of it. Suddenly time slowed down and everything was moving in slow motion… I watched him start to fall off the arm of the chair, legs desperately trying to gain balance and hold on, head trying to turn his little pork chop body around… I blinked and returned to real time and saw him go over the edge of the chair, heard a loud “THUD!” and saw the chair rocking back and forth. The chair blocked my view of his landing, but the sound let me know that he had, in fact, landed. It was like a Wylie E. Coyote moment… you know, where he goes over the cliff and is suspended in air until gravity mercilessly kicks in then all you see is the dust cloud? Yeah, that was pretty much what happened.jacquesing1

I’m not going to lie – I burst out laughing. Hysterically. I got up and checked on him. He was fine. I think his ego was a little bruised, but that was about it. He didn’t give me the “What? I meant to do that” look that Rocky is known for. Instead he gave me more of a “What the…??” look before sulking off to lay in the corner. But, he is not one to give up. He tried it again later, this time with a little less oomph as he jumped up into the recliner.

jacquesing2A few weeks later, he tried Jacques-ing on the arm of the couch. HAHA! That dog…  He jumped up, and I guess the throw pillows were in his way (or he’s just “special”) because he started to fall off the arm. His eyes got huge and his legs started flailing. Luckily for him (and for us) the couch is microfiber so he was able to get a little traction going to help stop his fall. (This fall would’ve hurt because he would’ve landed on our coffee table.) I watched him catch his breath then curl up on the arm of the couch and proceed to take a nap.

Okay, last Jacques-ing story. For now anyway. I was in the office last week when I heard the strangest sound behind me. There was grunting and strange scratching – lots of it. I turned around and saw Jacques scrambling up the pillowed back of the chair – grunting, little feet pushing, pork chop body bouncing with every push. He finally made it to the top, looked at me, and immediately plopped down and started snoring. I guess climbing Mt. Office Chair was quite challenging for the little guy!jacquesing3

I hope Jacques keeps “practicing” his Jacques-ing technique because I find it incredibly entertaining. You never know when or where he’s going to be Jacques-ing next!


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