Throwback Thursday

I thought I’d do something a little different today. I wanted to share some random Jacques stories (that I may or many not have already shared with friends and family). The stories are endless. Really. I hope you enjoy them!

I am a big fan of elevated feeders. In addition to the “health benefits” they can provide – especially for big dogs – I feel that they’re easier to clean around. After a few months of Jacques eating out of a plastic purple food and water dish, decided I wanted to get him an elevated feeder. (What??! He’s secure enough in his non-existent manhood!) After lots of searching and even more measuring, I finally found a set that I thought would work. (Tangent: Buying one of these things for a small dog is MUCH harder than buying one for a large dog! When I ordered one for Niko and Rocky, I just ordered the largest one they had – simple. For Jacques, I had to measure him and go back and forth with a yard stick trying to figure out the appropriate height of the dishes. Sheesh!) Anyway… the elevated dishes finally arrived. I immediately washed them and set them up for Jacques.

A few hours later I was in my home office when I heard the strangest growling. It was low and fierce. It was Jacques and it sounded serious. I jumped up to check things out. When I came out of the office I saw Jacques staring down his new elevated feeder. He would charge it then back away with his head lowered and laser focus locked, growling the whole time. I busted out laughing (seriously, tears were flowing) which broke his laser focus on the feeder and sent him running to me. After some reassurance, coaxing, and a proper introduction (Jacques, meet Feeder. Feeder, this is Jacques.), Jacques was cool with letting this stranger stay in his kitchen.

Jacques, meet Feeder. Feeder, meet Jacques. Jacques making nice with the feeder.

I came in last night after watering our fabulous new flowerbeds and as I walked through the house I noticed my right flip flop kept sticking to the floor. I thought “crap, did I not get everything wiped off my shoes??” I looked and didn’t see anything so I kept walking… but my shoe kept sticking. After the starting, stopping, and looking routine several times it finally dawned on me. My shoe wasn’t “sticking” because of anything UNDER it. It was because Jacques was following me and kept stepping ON the back of my shoe. Silly dog!!

This isn't my flip flop, but it's a ridiculously cute picture of Jacques with one.

This isn’t my flip flop, but it’s a ridiculously cute picture of Jacques with one.



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