Bringing Home Jacques, Part I

After seeing his picture in a text message, I briefly met Jacques (then named Lil’ Dude) at the local vet’s office to take pictures of him for the humane society’s website. He was adorable! About a week passed… and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I found myself researching the Westie breed and thinking about names. (Researching Westies… HA! The information I found was not exactly truthful… but that’s a whole other Oprah.) I finally decided to go see him again. I was sure that when I saw him I would be convinced he wasn’t right for me or my family. I called to let the vet staff know I was coming and was told that he had been adopted. I was crushed. And I was baffled about feeling that way.

I spent the Christmas holiday thinking about Jacques and what could’ve been. Hard as I tried I couldn’t get him out of my mind. (I had even picked out his name by then!) The day after Christmas my husband, our dog, and I were returning from our holiday travles when I received a call. The lady who adopted Jacques couldn’t keep him. (Turns out having 5 dogs, several cats, goats and a pig was a little much for her. Who would’ve guessed.) They wanted to know if I was interested. Without hesitation I said, “YES!!” (Thank goodness my husband is a good sport!) I then proceeded to bounce around in the car like a crazy person for the rest of the hour long car ride.

When we picked Jacques up he was less than interested in us. He was MUCH more interested in the sounds and smells around him. (This would become a recurring theme for our first six months together.) And when we got him home… he was greeted by our 95 pound welcome wagon named Rocky. Most dogs are usually intimidated by Rocky’s sheer size. Not Jacques. He really couldn’t have cared less. For the rest of the night (when Rocky wasn’t sniffing or following him), he laid under our feet as we watched TV. He was very mellow. My husband and I thought, “This is our kind of dog! Relaxed… mellow. We can handle this!” Little did we know, it was all a ploy.

Rocky & Jacques (before Jacques' MUCH needed haircut!)

Rocky & Jacques (before Jacques’ MUCH needed haircut!)

My husband and I traveled out of state for New Years. While we were gone Rocky stayed with some good friends and Jacques got to camp out at the vet’s and get vaccinated and snipped. When we returned, we picked both dogs up and headed home. This time Jacques’ homecoming would be a little different. This time, he wasn’t holding back…

They hadn't known each other very long when this picture was snapped. It took Rocky a few weeks to adjust. Jacques hit the ground running. Literally.

They hadn’t known each other very long when this picture was snapped. It took Rocky a few weeks to adjust. Jacques hit the ground running. Literally.


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